About Michael Schofield & Co.


Michael Schofield

Early in his adult life, Michael Schofield traveled extensively, and during his travels, he learned directly what many were only hearing about secondhand. These rich experiences gave him a deep appreciation of the different worlds he visited, including the historic importance placed on ornamentation, precious metals, and beautiful gemstones. What better way, he soon realized, to continue his travels than to share what he was learning with others?

To deepen his understanding he earned an in-residence GIA Graduate Gemology degree. With insights gained from this training, even more opportunities were opened to him. Now he had a heightened appreciation for his travels in faraway places and could share what he was learning with more authority when he returned home. Along the way, Michael has formed lasting relationships with friends, suppliers, and customers around the world. These relationships have been a source of great personal satisfaction and inspiration to him.

Michael invites you to join with him, and others at Michael Schofield & Co., to explore the many worlds of ornamentation and beautiful gemstones exhibited on this site. Other items are available as well, through extensive sources cultivated over years of research and travel.

Michael Schofield & Co.® is a proud member in good standing of the American Gem Society, the American Gem Trade Association, and the International Colored Gemstone Association, all of whom adhere to ethical and sustainable business practices that promote
  • Protecting the environment
  • Fair labor practices, including health and safety standards
  • Ensuring product integrity and the ethical use of profits through strict and transparent protocols and documentation
  • Industry accountability
  • Giving back by supporting workers and their communities
  • Consumer education

Please note that we sell our pieces through established jewelers.
You may inquire at your favorite jewelry store about obtaining a sample or placing an order, or contact us for a retailer near you.
Retailers, please contact us by phone or email if you would like to place a first-time order.